Energy Company Obligation 'ECO'

Get government-backed assistance for household energy improvements. You may be eligible for support from the "big six" energy suppliers with the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), which was launched in early 2013. There are three parts to this scheme:

  • Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation
  • Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation
  • Carbon Saving Communities Obligation

Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation

The Home Heating Cost Reduction Obligation sees energy companies provide insulation and heating improvements to low-income and vulnerable households that qualify for the scheme. Social housing tenants are not eligible for this particular part of the obligation.

This means-tested scheme has complex eligibility criteria. Contact Home Energy Scotland on 0808 808 2282 to find out if you are eligible.

Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation

With the Carbon Emissions Reduction Obligation, energy companies provide funding to insulate solid-walled properties - both internal and external wall insulation - plus those with ‘hard-to-treat’ cavity walls.

This part of the scheme is not means-tested: it is available in all housing tenures and can be used in conjunction with the Green Deal. With the help of this subsidy, relatively expensive measures become very cost-effective.

Carbon Saving Communities Obligation

The Carbon Saving Communities Obligation requires energy companies to provide insulation measures to people living in 25% of the UK's most deprived areas. The obligation may also help low income households in certain designated rural areas. This element of the ECO scheme is available to households in all tenures.

Contact Devine Energy to learn more about the Energy Company Obligation scheme.