Solar Thermal

Solar Thermal Roof PanelsDid you know that in just 30 minutes, the sun provides enough energy for the Earth to sustain mankind for one year? At Devine Energy, we help you to harness that resource for cost-effective heating solutions.

Solar thermal is very effective for producing a large share of the hot water supply required for the average family home. All that is required is solar collectors, facing in a southeast-to-southwest orientation, which will absorb the sun's rays to produce hot water for the household.

More Hot Water for Less

These systems provide up to 65% of annual domestic hot water requirements even in the depths of winter, when the sun's intensity is not so strong. During summer time, this figure approaches 100%!

Devine Energy offer two different types of solar collectors:

  • Flat plate panels -  as the name suggests, flat plate panels have a solid flat front. They tend to be slightly more robust than evacuated tube collectors and can be installed as an "In Roof" system, mostly for new builds, or an "On Roof" system that is retrofitted or made for new builds.
  • Evacuated tubes - popularly thought to be more efficient than a flat panel of comparable size. They weigh less and can be installed easily, with units from some manufacturers possibly constructed in situ on the roof.

We provide complete solar packages from leading manufacturers. You will receive all necessary accessories to complete the system including:

  • Solar storage cylinders
  • High temperature pipe insulation
  • Mixing valves
  • Flexible roof flashings

Advantages of Solar Water Heating

  • One of the most affordable and established of all renewable energy technologies
  • Works alongside the majority of heating systems
  • Delivers roughly half of your hot water requirements across a year
  • Contributes towards nearly all of your hot water needs during the summer months - during the winter months you may need to top up the system with your primary heat source such as a boiler

Solar Thermal Savings

Your savings from using a solar water heating system will increase as fuel prices increase. By generating your own clean energy, you help to protect yourself from rising fuel costs. The overall financial bonuses of a solar water heating system depend on a number of factors including:

  • What fuel is being replaced
  • How much hot water is used in your home
  • When hot water is used
  • How much you depend upon your primary heat source, e.g. a gas boiler

To discuss the potentials gains of getting a solar thermal system, contact Devine Energy.