Electrical Heating

Look no further than Devine Energy when you need first rate electrical heating system. We use Amptec electric flow boilers because they come in different sizes to efficiently meet a wide variety of needs.

Electric HeatingYou can have yours installed singly or as multiple units, making them suitable for a range of properties from mobile homes to larger family houses. Amptec's range includes an 11kW model, which is designed to match the rating of existing domestic electrical power supplies. They also provide models suitable for conventional radiator heating systems or underfloor heating installations.

Flexible Boiler Systems

Amptec boilers can be installed to provide central heating and domestic hot water in conjunction with an indirect hot water storage cylinder. Alternatively, your boiler will provide only heating, while your domestic hot water will come from a direct hot water storage cylinder.  For rented properties, your gas appliances must have annual maintenance checks by law. An Amptec electric flow boiler offers a low-maintenance alternative.

Key Features

  • Controllable and efficient wet central heating.
  • Uses standard radiators, pump, programmer,  thermostatic radiator valves and room thermostat.
  • Suitable for open-vented or pressurised systems.
  • Models available for underfloor heating applications.
  • Household hot water from boiler in with either separate direct cylinder or an indirect cylinder.
  • Flexible installation location as there are no flues and no fuel tanks.
  • Amptec electric flow boilers are 99.8% efficient as no flue means no heat is wasted up the chimney.
  • Lightweight and compact for easier installation.
  • Compact dimensions - unobtrusive and small.
  • Silent operation.
  • Front panel display indicates boiler state.

Contact Devine Energy of Dalkeith for a first-rate electrical heating installation that is tailored to the needs of your property.