Storage Heating

Enjoy a warm home with a heating system that uses your energy intelligently. Devine Energy install the revolutionary storage heating called Quantum.

Storage HeatingQuantum is the world’s most advanced electric space heater. It uses low-cost, off-peak energy, which makes it the most economical electric heating system currently on the market. Quantum stores energy during periods of low demand and turns it into efficient and cost-effective heat only when it’s needed – whatever time of day or night it may be. The system is up to:

  • 22% more energy efficient than standard storage heater systems
  • 27% cheaper to run than standard storage heater systems
  • 47% cheaper to run than radiator or electric convector systems

Exceptional Levels of Insulation

Your Quantum unit will store energy up during periods of low demand and then turn it into efficient heat as you need it. Using a sophisticated self-learning algorithm, the iQ controller takes just the right amount of heat to match both your lifestyle and changing climate conditions with intuition and precision.

Quantum is fitted with a revolutionary iQ controller, which allows you to pre-set your heating requirements, just like central heating. Even better, it is simple to adjust the heat levels manually with Quantum's easy-to-read LCD display and user-friendly low torque rotary knob. The display is designed with the visually impaired in mind, which is helpful for some elderly users.

Contact our electrical engineers to discuss our cutting edge storage heating solutions.